5 minutes with: Conscious Action

Conscious Action

This month we chat to Brian from Conscious Action, one half of the dynamic Auckland duo running inspirational workshops on ethical living.

How would you describe Conscious Action?
A conscious community raising awareness and inspiring meaningful action. Through interaction (events, workshops etc.) we aim to come up with achievable actions we can take and through connection we share and celebrate the ones already being taken – big or small. Since launching, we have run events and workshops on many topics, including living a zero-waste lifestyle, plant-based eating, ethical fashion and more.

We are all about:
- Connecting with likeminded people
- Collaborating to come up with inspiring ways to live more consciously
- Celebrating the impact of individuals, and their contributions to the collective; and doing all of this while being grounded in compassion

How long have you been around?
We started on June 2018 and have been creating space since then. What is your core mission as a team? Our core mission is to bring more connection into the world. We believe that connection is the key to taking conscious action as individuals and creating a better world.

What is Conscious Action’s proudest moment?
Everytime that we hear back from the community that something they have learned at our events helped them create change.

What’s your next biggest goal?
To expand our online presence and run more events. Our next endevour is the Conscious Action podcast.

Any words of wisdom?
Being kind and compassionate with others and yourself – we are all on a different journey.

What’s one of your favourite Rethink products and why?
The Reusable Fresh Produce Bags to get my fruits from the farmers market. They are practical and easy to use and help reduce a lot of unnecessary single-use plastic waste. 


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