Five Minutes with: Bruce McFarlane from The Addin
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This month we talked with Bruce Mcfarlane from The Addington Store.  We think you will admire and respect the principles and values of this unique social enterprise.
Rethink Writes: Tricks for remembering bags
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When you think about it, it’s fair to say that most of us go about our daily routines on autopilot.  Don’t be alarmed!  We’re not for one moment suggesting you’re a victim of a zombie apocalypse, but rather that we human beings are creatures of habit. 

Five minutes with: Ethically Kate
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This month we sat down with the wonderful Kate Hall from Ethically Kate. Kate is an incredibly relatable writer, speaker, and inspirer, passionate about motivating people to live more sustainably.  

Five minutes with: Grey Lynn 2030 Car Boot Market
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Rethink first came into contact with Grey Lynn 2030 when their focus group 'Waste Away' invited us to supply bags to their waste education table at the Grey Lynn Farmers' Market.  Continuing this month's theme for a more sustainable giving season, it’s a fitting time to share our chat with Suzanne Kendrick, founder of the Grey Lynn 2030 Car Boot Market.

5 minutes with: Conscious Action
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This month we chat to Brian from Conscious Action, one half of the dynamic Auckland duo running inspirational workshops on ethical living.
Five minutes with: EcoMatters Environment Trust
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We kicked off February 2020 by chatting to EcoMatters – an organisation we’re very inspired by! The team at EcoMatters do a fabulous job of looking after our environment, and educating and inspiring other Aucklanders to do the same.
5 Minutes with: Seaweek
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We kicked off 2020 chatting with Sara from Seaweek, an awesome New Zealand initiative inspiring Kiwis to take better care of the ocean.
5 Minutes with: Our Seas Our Future
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We sat down with Noel Jhinku, the Founder of OSOF to talk about the impact that Noel & his team are making to protect New Zealand’s coastal and marine eco-systems.
5 Minutes with: Lorella Doherty from Rethinking P
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In our very first blog, we chat with Lorella Doherty, the heart and brains behind ‘Rethinking Plastic Revolution,’ a community-based organisation trying to inspire and encourage people to change their relationship with plastic.

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