Our Rethink products are environmentally conscious and easily incorporated into your busy everyday lifestyle.

We make it a breeze for you to ditch old, single-use habits by using our sustainable bags for your food storage and on-the-go needs. Rethink bags are Certified Organic and environmentally pure; designed for your convenience when shopping for fresh produce, bread and pick-and-mix.



Our bags are Certified Organic, made from sustainable, unbleached Indian cotton. 100% Biodegradable. 


Organic certification is issued by Control Union in compliance with GOTS, (Global Organic Textile Standard) and meets strict ecological and social requirements in order to provide a credible assurance for the end consumer. 


  • Our Reusable Fresh Produce Bags have been specially designed for your convenience when shopping for fruit and veggies. They are available in two handy sizes with a drawstring to secure your produce in the bag. They also incorporate tare-weight deduction from participating retailers, helping you to quickly complete your shopping.

  • Our Bulk Bin Bags are made from premium unbleached cotton; ideal for your loose pick-and-mix items. The double-entry drawstring can be tied together to prevent any spillages.

  • Our Sheeting Bags offer you an affordable alternative to plastic bags. Excellent for carrying your everyday bits and bobs.

  • Our thick durable Canvas Bags are great for running errands and transporting your heavy shopping. They are designed to last the distance.

  • Our String Bags are made from premium, unbleached Indian cotton and stretch to hold 15kg; featuring two handle sizes for effortless shopping. Perfect for holding your heavy, bulky items like milk and potatoes.

  • Our Star Net Bags are thick crocheted reusable shopping bags, ideal for when you are on-the-go. Feel fabulously chic on even the most mundane shopping trips!


Once you rethink and retrain your brain, before you know it, remembering your reusable shopping bags will soon become a habit!