Five minutes with: Ethically Kate

Ethically Kate 

Who is behind Ethically Kate? 

Kate is a book reader, gardener, and sea swimmer - including the winter (perhaps to enjoy the look of astonishment on people’s faces as she bravely tiptoes into the icy waters for a fancy-free-frolic)! 

When Kate was young she lived with her family for 18 months in Mongolia and this unique experience helped shape her appreciation for the world around us.  She came to the realisation that we are very sheltered here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and that there is a great, big world out there that relies on us and our resources.  This time spent in Mongolia also sparked Kate’s conviction that every person has the right to happiness, whether they work in a corporate office in Auckland or a sweatshop in Bangladesh.   

Kate’s Dad is a vet and she has always loved animals and the outdoors.  Although Kate dreamt of also becoming a vet, she chose a different path when she decided to study Business Psychology.  Over the years her career has included a variety of fields including corporate HR, consultancy, and even launching her own in-home childcare service in 2017.  However, no matter what the direction, Kate’s passion has always been focussed on people and their happiness.


Can you remember the moment Ethically Kate was created? 

Ethically Kate began unintentionally in 2015 after watching the documentary, The True Cost in which filmmaker Andrew Morgan travels the globe to see the people who make clothes for the world’s fashion industry.  

Kate loves clothes; she loves how they make you feel and how you can express yourself through your clothing.  This doco was the inspiration which got Kate thinking; if she considers herself as a kind and caring person, she should care about her clothing and where it comes from.  And, so her journey began to adapt her wardrobe and reduce this from wants, to necessities.  In turn, this epiphany led Kate to reconsider other aspects of her life and the environmental impact of her choices. 

Kate describes herself as a communicator who can’t shut up!  As she began sharing her experiences and knowledge on Instagram, she noticed how this information was inadvertently inspiring her family and friends to make changes in their daily lives. This got Kate thinking about how it is an absolute injustice that so many people also want to make positive environmental changes but don’t have access to resources to help make sustainable purchases. Kate took the plunge and launched her own website and blog, always remaining mindful to respect other people and the environment.


What is your core mission? 

Kate loves to make people happy!  She wants to inspire positivity to help us make environmentally sustainable decisions in both our personal and professional lives which will have a positive impact on people and the planet. Sometimes it is overwhelming with how much change we must make to correct the negative impacts of our poor decisions, but Kate would like to encourage us all to take small steps as we are able, depending on own our individual time or financial constraints. 


What is your proudest moment and next big goal? 

Speaking for TEDx was a huge bucket-list moment for Kate because not many people are afforded this opportunity and it was a privilege for her to engage with such a large audience about fashion and reducing what we buy. 

As you can imagine, a proactive, go-getter like Kate had lots of ideas racing through her mind when we asked what her next big goal is.  She concluded that she wants to have more in-person events and tours, and to make more moments to inspire brilliant people to do brilliant things.  Not only is Kate able to reach these goals through her Instagram and blog, but also through her partnership with All Heart NZ, helping the top 6% of businesses in Aotearoa New Zealand consider their waste and overall impact on people and the planet.


Words of wisdom. 

Kate says, you do you!  Don’t think about the negative. Do all that you can within your own capacity and don’t worry about what you can’t do, and along the way take some time to inspire others.  Try your best and don’t underestimate how many people you can influence by your own actions. 


What is your favourite Rethink product & how do you use it? 

Kate told us she loves Rethink Bulk Bin Bags because it means there is less for her to carry.  When shopping at wholefoods she can fill the bags to the brim without having to take all her glass jars, and then fill the jars up when she gets home.


 *Photo of Kate Hall by Nectar Photography

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